Smile GallerY:  Before and After Photos

We are proud of the conservative and comprehensive dental services offered at Sweet Tooth Dentistry Valencia.  Dr. Grace Hwang will customize treatment to your individual needs and preferences.  We prioritize treatment according to what is necessary to maintain your optimal oral health and keep in mind what is of chief importance to you. Sometimes there are immediate concerns.  Other times, we plan for the future and complete treatment in stages according to the pace you are most comfortable.  Dental treatment ranges from single tooth repairs to full mouth reconstruction. Simple bondings or fillings, crowns, veneers, implant dentistry, orthodontic treatment including Invisalign.  Ask us about our sedation options, too!

Case 1:   Audrey — fillings and a crown

before:  TOOTH DECAY




Case 2:  James — FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION (crowns, veneers, bridge)

  • Underbite 
  • More than 10 cavities under old, failing silver fillings
  • Cracked porcelain on lower bridge
  • Many cracks on top and on the sides of teeth due to tooth grinding habit
  • Small teeth and gummy smile

Case 3:  Maggie — INVISALIGN (moderate to severe crowding)

  • Deep bite (almost biting into the gum tissue behind front teeth)
  • Crossbite on the left side (premolar underbite)
  • Severely crowded lower teeth and gum disease due to difficulty flossing

Case 4:  Rachel – DENTAL IMPLANTS

Case 4:  Rachel — DENTAL IMPLANTS

  • Two front teeth cracked beyond repair after accident
  • Right front tooth cracked as seen in photo
  • Left front tooth cracked mid-way down the root
  • Implants restored her smile before her wedding

Case 5: Dorothy – FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION (Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Implants)

  • Severe wear and cracks from grinding
  • Collapsed bite
  • Old, worn restorations with cavities
  • Crowns, Veneers, Bridge and Implants

Case 6:   Addison – VENEERS

  • Patient requested two veneers placed on her small upper lateral incisors. 
  • Improved proportion to subtly blend into her smile before her wedding.

Case 7: Evelyn – VENEERS



  • Side upper lateral teeth were different widths and shapes, including a right tooth that came in backwards.
  • Invisalign Express used to create even space and alignment before veneers.